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What’s New?

Hello and Welcome! As always there are a number of exciting new developments to report at Personal Renaissance – Reinventing Yourself Through the Creative Process.

Sant Anna ChurchAt long last I have partnered with an excellent travel agency in Italy – Bramante Travel – who are launching our new programs for 2016 – Photography and Encaustic Adventures in Tuscany with photographer Oliviero Olivieri and me – encaustic artist Nancy Crawford.

You can join Oliviero and me for one or two weeks in Tuscany creating unique photographic and photo-encaustic works to commemorate your extraordinary travel adventure. (Encaustic painting is the ancient tradition of painting with melted beeswax. It is an incredible way to add depth, texture, and mystery to your photographic works. No prior experience with encaustics is necessary.)

These intimate travel experiences are set up to promote experimentation, reflection, focus and enjoyment! From savouring the regional Italian culinary delights, relaxing and creating in the stunning former monastery of Sant’ Anna in Camprena, exploring and photographing the picturesque towns of Tuscany, through to producing atmospheric encaustic images, your week in Italy will be magical and transformative.

During your photography lessons on location with Oliviero some of the concepts you will explore include:

Tuscan RoadSome of the encaustic ideas that you will explore with me include:

(No prior experience with encaustics is necessary.)

Peeling Posters on WallThese excursions are ideal for photographers and photography enthusiasts, artists of all descriptions and those interested in trying something new. This is also a great program for couples!) 

So I hope that you will join Oliviero and me and let Bramante Travel look after all the details while you focus on exploration and delight in the hills of Tuscany. Check out the incentives to book this small group, creative travel adventures early! Please visit  www.creativeexcursions.com for more information or click incoming@bramante-travel.it to book your excursion today!

Getting In! bookOn a completely different topic, some of you know that I recently published my first book Getting In! The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Outstanding Portfolio, Earning Scholarships and Securing Your Spot at Art School. The publication of this book celebrates a writing and editing process that has been in the works for 5 years, along with 3 decades of teaching experience and reflection. It is my hope that this resource will help many artists develop authentic and meaningful artworks, while providing insightful information and guidance for those considering and applying to art school. Several veteran artists who read the book and provided feedback said it inspired them to create in new ways with enhanced enthusiasm - which was really exciting for me to hear as well. I hope that you will check out the book by clicking on the links below and visit the website that provides additional support and resources for aspiring artists. The site www.gettinginbook.com will be continually updated with new images and videos, so hopefully it will be a frequent stop for you.

Speaking of videos, I now have 2 YouTube channels. Shocking I know! The first channel simply titled Nancy Crawford launched in the fall of 2014. This channel features a series of encaustic videos at this point, but will grow to include other art processes and techniques in the months ahead. The second channel – titled Getting In! is the channel for everything to do with- you guessed it – getting into art school. It will include videos on art production, art techniques and processes, art material reviews, interviews with artists, designers and art school admission reps, in addition to lots of other cool stuff. I hope that you will subscribe to both!

Nancy Crawford EncausticAnother shocking development for me, considering my “techno-not artist” reputation is that I am also on Pinterest. It is actually my favourite social media platform so far, and I’m having all sorts of fun creating boards and filling them with exciting visual art pins. I hope that you will visit me - Nancy Crawford on Pinterest and enjoy some of my art boards.

In closing, I hope that your life and art-making are going well and I look forward to connecting and creating with you soon!

Ciao for now,

Pretty Doorway


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