In addition to her teaching and service at the Langley Fine Arts School Nancy offers an ongoing series of private programs in and around her local community and on excursions that she leads abroad. Some of the regular programs that she teaches include Enhancing Your Creative Process, Introducation to Encaustics, Encaustic Techniques and Processes II, Advanced Encaustics: Creating A Personal Series, Encaustic Collage,the Human Figure Intensive, Reliving the Renaissance: Materials and Processes of the Italian Workshop, and Getting In! Portfolio and Post-secondary Preparation Programs.


Encaustic Studio Process“Nancy knows the thrill of the mystery of creativity and is fuelled by her passion for it to gently guide each student along as they discover their own unique voice….She hears as well as sees, is sensitive to the spoken and the unspoken, and with her keen intelligence is able to orchestrate the best and happiest environment for her students. Nancy and I tapped into 31 years of artistic reserves and brought them into the light of day, and that’s my miracle.”
—Lois Brookes

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