In her work at the Langley Fine Arts School Nancy works primarily with the visual art majors in grades 10 through 12 teaching them a variety of artistic media, techniques and processes, along with art history, art criticism and life skills. Her major focus is working with those students who want to continue their studies at post-secondary helping them to develop an award winning portfolio, and the creativity and leadership skills that will foster their success both in school and life.

“Ms. Crawford has taught me in so many ways. She is the most passionate person I’ve ever known and she takes care of every student one by one.”
—Minji Kang  College of the Arts, Philadelphia

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“Ms. Crawford’s teaching has influenced me in so many ways to develop my art skills and my goals. She is passionate, determined and persistent.”
—Irene Yu,  Pratt Institute, Brooklyn New York
“To me, Mrs. Crawford was not only a teacher, but also a mentor, a friend, and a “mom”. She inspired me to be daring, to aim high, and always go after my dreams, no matter how big they were. Mrs. Crawford has influenced me to embrace life and appreciate art more deeply. She is the kind of teacher who develops the capabilities of each student and allows them to grow at their own pace, in their own way.”
—Esther Weng  The San Francisco Art Institute
“Mrs. Crawford is an awesome teacher! She gave me inspiration and motivation to continue producing artwork. She pushed me when I got lost, and encouraged me whenever I faced problems. Mrs. Crawford gave me the best advice in both technical ways and personal ways. I am very glad that she was my teacher. She led me and guided me to enter my dream school. She is an expert at helping students to make their portfolios. I am so proud to be one of her students.”
—Joyce Cho   Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
“Nancy Crawford is an amazing and inspiring art teacher, not just as an instructor but as an artist herself…Aside from the wide range of techniques and approaches to art I have been exposed to in Ms. Crawford’s classes, I’ve learned a lot about myself as an artist and as a person, most importantly I’ve learned to trust myself. Ms. Crawford has always been quick to pinpoint my mental and emotional blocks, pushing me to explore and work through them… On a more practical side, Ms. Crawford prepares her students for the reality of the art world, dispelling myths about the brooding, “starving artist” and illuminating otherwise shady areas of art as a career…her class has been an invaluable and fun experience for me and has helped me immensely in improving my work technically and in my exploration of art, myself and what I want to do in the world.”
—Alli Massar  McGill University, Toronto

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